Art info & terms

Art tecniques

My steelart pieces is made in 3-dimensions with layer of canvas, frames, metal and textured backgrounds of putty. All of this is painted with acrylic and spraypaint. They all contains some kind of message, written on the metal or as rebus in the painting. All of them have what I call a ”graffiti” piece somewhere, that’s toned down a bit but still adds a bit of color to each piece.


My acrylic paintings is made with a fluid technique and mixed media. The paint I use is high quality artcolours only, that has an high amount of pigments. Some of these have an clear coat of resin on top instead of regular varnish. This gives a very shiny look to it, brightens the colour to their maximum and gives an depth to the layers in the painting. All of my pieces can be resined on request if they don’t have one already.


My resin paintings is made out of high quality art resin from ElichemResins (Master cast 1-2-1 artwork resin). It’s coloured with pigments and brought together on different ways to create interesting patterns and effects. When cured the resin is hard as rock, non-toxic and extremely shiny. It has the look of glas and when coloured it can be both transparent and total covering. The closest description of pigment coloured resin is the possibilities to paint with fire-hot glas, that’s about how it looks like when cured.


I use cotton canvases, both round and squared ones. Some I buy finished and some I put together myself. I also use wood boards and recycled boards with frames found on second hand.


Shipping arrangements

Paintings is sent by Bussgods, DHL or delivered personally.

Delivery time is usually 3-7 days.


Payments is done by Pay-pal, cash or Swish – if its not a Galleri24 purchase, where the payments is done by their website.

Good to know

Good to know is that the settings on your computer screen and/or the pictures quality can cause the colour and intensity to be percived differently on the screen than in reality.

Copyright of motives, including all rights to further coping of any kind belongs to me, Johanna Lampeitl as the artist.