I´m an abstract contemporary artist based in the south of Sweden that currently living, working and studying in Uppsala – who use painting to balance and harmonize life. The creative side of me never sleep and by painting I find relaxation in the everyday life. I´ve always been creative and this is just one of many ways to express myself. Beside from making art I love interior and event design, from the interior perspective my art have it´s roots. When I couldn’t´t find the perfect art for an interior project I eventually started to create my own.

I put a lot of feelings into my work and leave a piece of myself in every painting. The inspiration comes from personal experience – everything from places I´ve been, to life happenings, music I love and all the amazing people surounding me.

I’ve slowly built a creative ground of inspiration and techniques that continually leads me towards new projects.
I prefer to work with resin and acrylics on large canvases, which will capture the room and become part of the interior in the modern home.  I use various of attachments in my art – everything to capture the feeling I’m after.

Skärmavbild 2016-04-13 kl. 14.00.12Enjoy!